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Legal framework

In July 2012, the Parliament adopted the Act CIII of 2012 on Erzsébet Program, the new social policy program (holidays and meals for socially indigent individuals; child and juvenile protection program) stating that HNFR is the exclusive performer of these social policy-related tasks. The financial basis of these public service tasks is provided by the issuance and distribution of Erzsébet Voucher, (meal voucher), that is a part of the fringe benefit system. Based on the Hungarian tax regulation, the complete income generated by the issuance and distribution of the Erzsébet voucher has to be spent on social purposes with special regard to social tourism.

In the spirit of the responsible care for children, with the aim of the revival of the St. Erzsébet tradition, building on social solidarity, another important objective of Erzsébet Program is to significantly reduce the number of those children who do not receive multiple meals a day, lack healthy diet, and the opportunity for active recreation.