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International cooperation

HNFR pays special attention to the building of professional co-operation with the similar organizations all around the world.

HNFR has been a member of ISTO (International Social Tourism Organisation) since 2000, which facilitates the exchange of best practices, professional discussions and joint international action in the field of social tourism. In 2014, the General Assembly of ISTO appointed Dr. Andrea Pinter, Director of Legal and International Affairs of HNFR, as a member of Board of Directors for a four-year period. Moreover the European Section admitted Dr. Pintér to its Coordination Committee for a two-year period as responsible for enlargement and social innovation.



HNFR as a member of ENAT (European Network for Accessible Tourism) and EARTH (European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality) is also dedicated to accessible and responsible tourism.



HNFR is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and accessible tourism worldwide.

HNFR has been involved in several transnational projects and European working groups.

• EU funded project: OFF2013
In 2012 HNFR was awarded grant by the European Commission within the framework of the Calypso Program for an 11-month long, Hungarian-Polish social tourism project, called OFF2013.
The overall objective of the project was to facilitate low-season transnational exchanges of seniors (50+) and families – in particular families with small children, or with 3 or more children, or with single parents – between Hungary and Poland. The aim of OFF2013 partners – Hungarian National Foundation for Recreation, Cracow University of Economics, Ministry for National Economy of Hungary, Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association, Hungarian Federation of Rural and Agrotourism – was to create a workable model which offers tailor-made possibilities of the above 2 target groups, making a holiday in the other country accessible.
Besides the social aspect of inclusion, integration and health preservation, the project was also to generate economic growth in the field of off-season tourism, to promote local products/services and to foster European culture.
OFF2013 partners mapped the needs and possibilities of Hungarian and Polish seniors and families, helped the suppliers to reach new markets through a new information channel (calypso-off2013.eu webpage) and identified the mechanisms that contribute to the sustainability of the model. Seniors and families interested in OFF2013 find information regarding the target-group specific offers in their native language on the project webpage.


• Visegrad Fund project – At the Crossroad of Cultures Spring Camp
In 2013 the Hungarian National Foundation for Recreation was awarded a grant from International Visegrad Fund Standard Grant for organizing a V4 student camp. The project partners of the Foundation were high schools from each country.
The 7 day-long camp took place in Zánka 11-17 April 2014, where the students had the opportunity to get to know the culture and treasures of the fellow countries, and to introduce their own heritage to the others.


• SeGE (European Commission)
At the end of 2013, HNFR was invited to take part in the Seniors Tourism Initiative Workshop - "Europe, the best destination for seniors" and then in its Group of Experts (SeGE), organized by the European Commission Enterprise and Industry DG.
The aim of SeGE – involving 25 experts from Europe – is to draft a Report on senior tourism which will be included in the upcoming Legacy Document to be presented by Vice-President Tajani mid-July at the High Level Ministerial Meeting and in the European Tourism Forum, under the Italian Presidency.