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The Program

The current social tourism program of Hungary is called Erzsébet Program.

Erzsébet Program, focusing on the principles of social protection and social inclusion, has been contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of those in need, suffering from poverty and/or social exclusion. Erzsébet Program is in line with the objectives of the new European strategy, Europe 2020, especially with its flagship initiative, the European platform against poverty and social exclusion.

HNFR, in the spirit of stepping up for social cohesion and anti-discrimination, and promoting personal and social rights (right to have a break, equal opportunities, etc.), provides the possibility of recreation to such groups of society a) that could otherwise not afford to go on holiday due to financial reasons, b) who face other difficulties and need special attention, as the disabled, or c) who deserve particular attention, as the children.

The Erzsébet Program does not only play a role in social tourism, but it also serves a social investment dimension: 1. contributing to the well-being of the society, “recharging the batteries” of individuals in need of special care or being part of the labor force, 2. improving the skills of children- the human resources of the future- in the camps. Investing in children is especially important now in light of the current demographic changes (aging population).

In the design of grants and the determination of target groups, the board of HNFR always corresponds to the social tendencies and takes the socio-economic situation of the given social groups into account. In the course of drawing up the calls, HNFR consults with ministries and civil societies representing the given target groups.