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Children in focus

Erzsébet Camp is a unique initiative in Europe, that brings summer holiday fun to thousands of children and youngsters in Hungary. Within the framework of Erzsébet Camp, the beneficiaries – aged between 8 and 18 – have the opportunity to spend a whole week of the summer at Lake Balaton or other popular camp sites in Hungary, at extremely low prices (EUR 3.5 – 35/person/camp) depending on the program and the income of the family. Many of the camps are organized around certain themes or activities, like scouts, judo, life guard, soccer, box, sailing, arts&crafts, music, fencing, etc. The participants of these theme camps have the privilege to be led by outstanding Hungarian world and Olympic champions and widely recognized artists.

During the fall and spring breaks, there are 3-day long trip possibilities to school groups, making the school more enjoyable for thousands of children and youngsters. Children/youth aged between 8 and 18 have the opportunity to spend a few days at a camp with their classmates and teachers. The school groups may have outdoor biology classes investigating nature at first-hand, go hiking to the neighboring woods, visit historical sites for history classes, etc.