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In numbers

The current social tourism initiative called Erzsébet-program - with the aim of the revival of the St. Erzsébet tradition - provides recreational possibilities for seniors, large families, people with disabilities and children. The financial basis of Erzsébet-program is provided by the issuance and distribution of the Erzsébet Voucher Family that is a part of the fringe benefit system. The new recreational model allows children and adults from every part of the country and also beyond the borders to spend active leisure time together.

Since the launch of the Erzsébet-program in 2012 more than 600 000 people including 300 000 children have been supported through recreation grants and camping opportunities. Due to the above mentioned numbers during the last four years the Erzsébet-program has become the largest social tourism system of the last two decade in Hungary.
Erzsébet-camp plays a particular role in Erzsébet-program, since it became the most popular and successful element among all recreational opportunities Erzsébet-program offers. Erzsébet-camps make available for children from Hungary and also for children beyond the borders to spend active holidays. Based on the experience of the last years the future of the Erzsébet-program became particularly significant not only in the Motherland but also in foreign countries. Providing recreational programmes and possibilities during holidays as well as during the whole school year are essential elements for the Foundation.

The four-year-old Erzsébet-program is an innovative European solution to express social solidarity and equal treatment not only through words but concrete sustainable acts. Erzsébet-program is a Europe-wide unique initiative as regarding the number of participants there is no other country with such an extensive social tourism programme.