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Holiday support

Erzsébet Program provides the possibility of recreation to such groups of society a) that could otherwise not afford to go on holiday due to financial reasons, b) who face other difficulties and need special attention, as the disabled, or c) who deserve particular attention, as the children.

HNFR, dedicated to making tourism attainable for all, seeks to facilitate social inclusion by integrating those groups of society into tourism who otherwise perhaps would be isolated from it. Erzsébet Program aims to provide access to leisure and recreation to those in need.

The positive effects of travelling and leisure are well-known by now: a holiday leaves its footprint on our physical and mental health, not even mentioning its influence on our relationships. A nice holiday with our family members or fellows can truly make a difference in our everyday lives. So making holidays feasible to the disadvantaged is a true social mission.

In the course of defining the target groups and the design of the calls for application, Erzsébet Program always seeks to resonate on the social tendencies, the socio-economic situation of the chosen social groups.

It is “normative” in the sense that all who apply and fulfill the eligibility criteria receive support, until the allocated funds are exhausted.

It is “direct” for the support directly goes to the individual and can be used only for going on a holiday.

It is “monitorable” for it is available only in certain accommodations that are connected to a closed IT system with an overall process follow-up.

HNFR launches its programs on a yearly basis. The different calls target different social groups, and provide different program possibilities, in different times of the year.

The applicants turn in their applications through the internet, and if found eligible, the grantees can easily book their holiday through the website of the Foundation (www.erzsebetprogram.hu) or the call center. There are several dozens of destinations all around the country; most of the accommodations are state-owned hotels/boarding houses/holiday villages/camps located at the most popular tourist destinations of the country (Lake Balaton, Mátra Hills, historic cities).

The amount paid by the beneficiaries is one of the lowest in Europe: 1/10 – 1/4 of the actual price. The length of stay and the types of services (only accommodation, or with full-board) vary in accordance with the beneficiary’s choice.

The available terms are in-season or off-season, depending on the call for application and its time frame. Usually, with the grant for the socially disadvantaged, one can book for the May-December period, while the Erzsébet Camp was limited to the summer months, during school holidays.