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The economic downturn of the past years all over the world increased the risk of impoverishment, and Hungary had to face several social challenges like other European countries. Erzsébet Program is one of the effective social tools trying to give answers to these challenges:

1. Due to the economic crisis, the number of those in need has grown.
The grants of HNFR correspond to the social tendencies. Erzsébet Program provides holiday support to individuals and families, who otherwise could not afford to travel and enjoy leisure activities.

2. It is important to emphasize that the Erzsébet Program is financially sustainable, as it operates under an alternative funding model, without the involvement of the state budget: Erzsébet Program is implemented without any financial support from the state budget. It is realized from the net income originating from the distribution of Erzsébet Voucher, a meal-voucher.

In 2012 and 2013 more than 245 thousand people received holiday support, in the total value of HUF 6 billion (EUR 20.4 million), each year involving more than 1% of the total population in tourism. The Program is dynamically growing, this year reaching to the 400 thousandth beneficiary, meaning that in its first 3 years the Erzsébet Program provided holiday support to the 4% of Hungary’s total population.