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Erzsébet-camp 2015 - started with Spring Trips

May 18, 2015

Almost 10,000 children between the ages of 8 and 18 years old have been given holiday support within the framework of the Erzsébet Spring Trip program ran by the Hungarian National Foundation for Recreation specifically for schools. The first groups of students arrived to the Erzsébet-camp in Zánka on the 18th of May.

Beneficiaries in the coming six weeks, in six rounds at two different locations - in Zánka and Fonyódliget - will participate in three-day class trips, after paying 1,000 HUF/person (approx. 3 EUR/person) contribution. The schools regardless of the students’ social background can apply to the Program, however the application statistics show that especially those institutions used this possibility where the number of families in need is higher.


Within the framework of the Erzsébet Spring Trip, children are provided full board accommodation and organised programmes: theatre performances, pop/folk music concerts and dance. Numerous sports tools/facilities such as balls, tennis, badminton and table tennis equipment, pens, pencils, chess, board games, card games are also at the disposal of children in order to make the time at the camp more valuable and fun.
The Trip provides an excellent opportunity for schools to relieve their teachers of the organizational tasks of the class trips, for parents to give their children a great programme at a very low price; and last but not least, for the children to experience joy together and get new experiences.