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Gyógyuló Holnapocska (Healing Sun) Camp: getting back to everyday life

August 18, 2015

For the first time this year a camp for children born with heart disease has been launched at Zalaszabari in KalandoZoo Park with the cooperation of Erzsébet-program.

A half day was dedicated to volunteering by the journalist in order to better understand the situation of the little ill kids who hope to forget the daily difficulties during the camp.

Zoltán Szabadics talked about the vision, mission and goals of the camp. According to his words, he and his wife have been organising camps for healthy children since 2009, and now they wished to provide same opportunities for their less healthy fellows. “With this motivation we organised the first camp for children healing from cancer and strengthened by the positive responses we carried on with the idea and initiated this year’s camp for children affected by heart illnesses. In order to have partners for this program we contacted the Child-heart Centre of Gottsegen György National Cardiology Institute and the Erzsébet-program who positively responded to our call immediately.

Long term cooperation is foreseen as the focus of the Erzsébet-program are children who are underprivileged in any aspects. Together with this year about three hundred thousand children had the chance to spend quality time in Erzsébet-camps – highlights it Balázs Erdős the program leader of applications at Erzsébet-program.

Doctor Ablonczy, expert of the Child-heart Centre of Gottsegen György National Cardiology Institute, explained that such camps are milestones in the recovery of children as they can start reintegrating to everyday life after surgeries and cardiological solutions.

Dr. Zsolt Prodán cardiosurgent, chief doctor of the Infant and Child Cardiosurgery Department at the National Cardiology Institute Child-heart Centre, highlighted that the cardiosurgery and cardiology departments are jointly working for the ill children even though the results are not always visible as one can hardly tell which child had which type of surgery. He also added that after surgical interventions whole families are required to make sacrifices, therefore such a camp is the perfect place to forget the bad times and enjoy carefree games that help children and families to get back to their normal life.

This year with the help of the Erzsébet-program even more kids could join the Gyógyuló Holnapocska (Healing Sun) Camp.