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The Erzsébet-camp summer season has ended

August 28, 2015

Last Thursday this year’s Erzsébet-camp summer season at Fonyódliget had a festive closing evening program. After ten weeks of camps children, camp leaders, professional leaders of thematic camps, program leaders, helpers and teachers together said good-bye to summer and the beautiful camp days.

Thousands of kids danced to the camp song and waved their white caps in the air saying “see you next year”. After Zsolt Asztalos and Ferenc Andrássy had welcomed the crowd, Ágnes Deutsch-Für, the professional director of all camps, and her colleagues handed over the prises of the camp’s talent competition. The leader of the Fonyódliget camp, Dávid Kiskós gaudily closed the camp and sang the national anthem together with the attendants.

So happened that by August 28th the last children left the Erzsébet-camps and the facilities closed their gates, however, only until they are ready again to welcome many classes for their autumn school trips, also within the framework of the program. Throughout this summer at 3 different locations within Hungary – Balatonberény, Fonyódliget, Zánka – and one in Transylvania at Ivó where thousands of kids could be part of a unique summer experience. The groups could select the most suitable camp from about 80 different kinds such as various sport camps and art camps. The most adventurous groups had the opportunity to attend traditional Hungarian camps where children could sleep in yurts and try themselves out in ancient Hungarian martial arts. Other new thematic camps were also introduced like graphic arts camp, orienteering camp, soccer camp, opera cam and “Learning is fun” camp.

The Foundation also provides more and more opportunities for Hungarian children outside Hungary’s borders: this summer nearly 3 thousand Hungarian children from Transcarpathia region could enjoy the Lake Balaton at Zánka. By this mean Hungary is supporting those Hungarian families who are exposed to the crisis situation in the area. Apart from Transcarpathia about 1200 young students arrived to Erzsébet-camp, Zánka, from Transylvania, Croatia, Slovenia, Province of Vojvodina and Felvidék. In addition 500 children had the same opportunity in Székely Land at Ivó to participate in this program.

Although this year’s summer camps end at August 28 in the Motherland, they continue until September 12 at Ivó. The popularity of the program is ever-growing: in 2012 there were nearly 50 thousand children participating, nearly 80 thousand in 2013, more than 80 thousand in 2014 and in 2015 more than 100 thousand.