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The Hungarian National Foundation for Recreation at the annual ISTO Forum

October 23, 2015

The Hungarian National Foundation for Recreation (HNFR) was invited to present the Erzsébet-program at the annual Forum of International Social Tourism Organization (ISTO) in Albufeira, Portugal between 21-23 October.

 ISTO is an organisation that raises public and social stakeholders’ awareness of the importance of tourism and the right to go on holidays. Furthermore, advocates the ethics in tourism. The aim of this year’s Forum was to reflect on the question “What Future for Tourism for All?”.

As member of the Board of Directors and the Coordination Committee for ISTO Europe, HNFR was invited to introduce: the Erzsébet-program as a unique best practice and to share its innovative ideas on the future of social tourism.

The General Assembly, the highest decision making body of ISTO, among other decisions set the priorities for the next year based on the recommendation of the ISTO Board of Directors where HNFR has a seat. To respond better to the current trends in tourism discussions and activity plans were focusing on three main areas: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), new technologies and innovation in programme and products. The Forum gave space for fruitful discussions and workshops where members of ISTO could share best practices and exchange ideas on social tourism.

Being a unique organisation HNFR was requested to bring its experience into new projects by various members of ISTO after presenting its recent initiatives, such as the German-Hungarian Youth Exchange project.

Another highlight of the event was the launch of an international consultation on the future of social tourism where ISTO takes a significant role. HNFR will be an active contributor to the process that will take one year according to current plans.HNFR is looking forward to a busy year with ISTO and is ready to take new challenges and shape the future of social tourism.