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The day of our eponym, Saint Erzsébet of the Árpád dynasty

November 19, 2015

The 19th of November is the day of Saint Erzsébet of the Árpád dynasty, the most respected role model among the Saints of the Christian world. The name ‘Erzsébet’ has been the most common female name until the 14th century and it could keep its popularity thanks to the Europe-wide known respect towards Saint Erzsébet.

Women named Erzsébet are considered to have responsible, attentive and helpful personality. These qualities describe perfectly the Hungarian princess who guides every people in every era with her glory. The message that her life conveys is still very actual as it represents love and caring helpfulness as an outstanding example to follow.
The Erzsébet-program which supported more than 600 000 people including 300 000 children in the last 4 years, emphasizes social solidarity not only with words but also with acts like Saint Erzsébet and her followers did in the last centuries.

If we look behind the meaning of solidarity we can see that it will cover what Erzsébet-program has reached until now: mutual duty and sharing responsibility in helping the one’s in need. This notion of solidarity stands close to the Christian brotherhood love which cannot be else than love expressed through acts. The most well-known example is the life of Saint Erzsébet of Árpád dynasty, the eponym of the Erzsébet-program which is a tool that brings solidarity to a wide social level.