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The call for application has been published again for Transcarpathian children

November 26, 2015

The Hungarian National Foundation for Recreation has launched again the Erzsébet-program for the Transcarpathian-Hungarian children application providing possibilities for children in the Motherland and Transylvania during the winter break.

The Erzsébet-camps in Zánka (at Lake Balaton) and in Ivó (in Transylvania) are waiting for those children between the age of 8-14 who could not yet participate in this programme. Within the framework of the programme already almost three thousand Transcarpathian children could enjoy the benefits of the Erzsébet-camp in Zánka. The one-week-long camp was a special occasion for them as they could bond with their Hungarian fellows and friendships could emerge.
These friendships help Transcarpathian children relate to their motherland and fosters Transcarpathian-Hungarian children to safeguard their identity and traditions.

Applications can be submitted electronically via the website of the Erzsébet-program with the same conditions like in the summer.